As a prior member of City Council:

Chaired the Active Living Initiative to promote pedestrian safety and park improvements.

United Way of Atlanta chair for the DeKalb County Opportunity Zone for families and VIP training.

Served as President of the Urban Redevelopment Agency, enabling renovation of Friendship Forest.

Served on the Charter Review Committee, updating the City’s Charter.

Led the council on decriminalization of marijuana for possession of one ounce or less. The first city in Georgia to pass this legislation.

Supported the redevelopment of Milam Park and the Friendship Forest Master Plan.

Supported a “ban the box” policy to eliminate hiring discrimination based on arrest records.

Supported $15/hour minimum wage for city employees.

Additional City Appointments:

Served on the Clarkston Planning and Zoning Board.

Current member of the Clarkston Historic Preservation Commission.

Member of the Technical Advisory Committee for zoning rewrite.

Training in municipal policy and administration:

Downtown Development Authority, Urban Redevelopment;

Public Works and Transportation; Ethics for Elected Officials;

Parks and Recreation; Planning & Zoning; Municipal Law;

Housing for Seniors; Historic Preservation; Cultural Competency.

Atlanta Regional Commission/Partnership for Southern Equity- TransFormation Academy: Equitable Transit Oriented Development (ETOD).


Recipient of the Georgia Municipal Assoc. (GMA) Certificate of Achievement for Education.

Appointed to GMA Board of Directors, District 3, Eastern Division President 2014-2016.

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